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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in Turquoise Teapot and Cat Cafe! We hope you'll find the answers to all your questions below. If not, please drop us a line at the Contact Us page.

Turquoise and tan wall with cat shelves

What is a cat cafe?

Cat cafes come to the U.S. via Taiwan and Japan. Here in the states, cat cafes are a bit different, as they usually feature only adoptable cats.

Turquoise Teapot and Cat Cafe houses adoptable cats in search of their forever homes. Visitors may enjoy a cafe treat and pay a small fee to visit with the cats. Some visitors are interested in adopting, but most simply want to enjoy some quality time with our social felines.

There is a barrier between the cafe area and the cat lounge, so visitors may either relax with the cats in the cat lounge - or stop in to the cafe to enjoy a specialty beverage... or both!

We have ample room in our upstairs seating and retail area for you while you're waiting for your reservation, to hang out with friends or do remote work.

Can I bring my cat?

While we'd love to hear all about your cat at home, we can't allow outside animals into the cat cafe. We are required to maintain strict hygiene standards for our cats and cannot monitor the health information of animals who reside off-site.

That being said, we are all animal lovers here. Please show us pictures of your pets and tell us all about them!

A grey tabby kitten sitting on a white shelf
A child holding a tortie kitten over their shoulder

Are children allowed?

We do welcome children into the cat lounge with the close supervision of an attentive adult. We have heard from other cat cafes across the country who have been forced to prohibit children in their cat lounges due to adults allowing their children to behave in an unsafe manner around the cats. Help us by keeping a close eye on children under your supervision so we can continue to keep our doors open to all members of our community!

Children under 12 receive a 20% discount on admission and children 2 and under are free.

Do I need a reservation?

We ask that you make a reservation in advance of your visit so that you ensure a spot at your preferred time. However, we will not require a reservation when we have space for walk-ins.

We allow up to six visitors into the cat lounge at a time and are busiest on the weekends.

A black kitten peering over the edge or a laptop keyboard
A child holding a black kitten

Where do your cats come from?

All of our residents are adoptable cats from Felines & Friends, a rescue located here in Santa Fe, NM.

Felines & Friends is dedicated to rescuing and placing pets in need of a second chance; working towards zero pet overpopulation by facilitating low-cost spay/neuter; and improving the lives of both companion animals and their owners through on-going education.

Can I surrender a cat?

We do not take cats directly from individuals. We recommend reaching out to your local animal shelter or rescue.

For more information, see Felines & Friends resources page.

Three cats snuggling on a blanket
A black kitten with three legs wearing a fourth of July outfit

Can I host an event at the cat cafe?


Please reach out to us at our Contact page for information on booking a birthday party, hosting an event for your social group, book club or reserving the space for a school or senior home progam.

Are you hiring?

We currently have a full team. For future opportunities, please fill out an employment application: send us an email for an application.

Three gray and white kittens
A grey and white cat sitting on a catio shelf

Can I adopt?


Our ultimate goal is to find forever homes for each of our cat cafe residents. You may apply to adopt a cat (or a pair!) with the Felines & Friends adoption application.

Please be aware that Felines & Friends volunteers will take their time to perform their due diligence and ensure each cat is matched up with the right home for their unique personalities and needs. Therefore, it's not possible to apply and go home with a cat from the cafe on the same day. Apply here.

Why is there a fee to visit with the cats?

Simply put, the cats don't pay rent!

Your $10 contribution helps cover the costs of the cats' food, supplies, and to pay our employees who take care of the cats and keep their space clean. Our revenue from the cafe side helps cover our other expenses to keep the cat cafe open and supports our mission to help the rescue cats of Santa Fe.

If you are a frequent visitor, please consider becoming a Member to receive unlimited daily visits to the cat lounge for $28/month. Become a Member today.

Thank you for your support!

An image showing how the entry fee is distributed among cat care costs
A cream colored kitten on a wooden floor

When are you open?

We opened our doors on February 6, 2024. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on facebook and Instagram for updates!

We are open:

Tuesdays: 10am - 6pm

Wednesdays: 10am - 6pm

Thursdays: 10am - 6pm

Fridays: 10am - 6pm

Saturdays: 10am - 6pm

Sundays: 10am - 4pm

The cats are on a break each day from 1pm-2pm.

Where are you located?

We are located a short five-minute drive from the Plaza in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico.

You can find us in the Baca Railyard, near Undisputed Fitness, Cafecito, Salon del Mar and JFD. Our address is: 1221 Flagman Way, B5, Santa Fe, NM 87505.

Two cats snuggling on a blanket
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