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Video: Inside Santa Fe's Cat Cafe

Updated: Jun 13

Join Lise Knouse on a vibrant journey through the heart of Santa Fe's artistic community in our latest episode of "The American Dream".

In this video, we step into the charming Turquoise Teapot and Cat Café, where art meets the aroma of fresh coffee. Watch as Lise chats with Carrie Reyes, the passionate owner of this unique café, about the inspiration behind combining cozy feline company with a creative café culture.

Take a visual tour inside the Turquoise Teapot, capturing the eclectic ambiance and the resident cats that add a touch of whimsy. The episode gets even more colorful as we meet two renowned Santa Fe artists, Elizabeth Rickert and Nancy Dean Kreger. Lise discusses their artistic journeys and current projects while surrounded by playful cats.

Whether you're an art aficionado, a cat lover, or someone who enjoys a good cup of tea, this episode is brewed to perfection for you.

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