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Adoptions at the Cat Cafe!

Pictured: Chock and Rainbow Dash, now adopted!

We have been opened just over three months now, and we are celebrating 24 adoptions at the cat cafe!

One of the most heartwarming adoptions to take place involved Chock and Rainbow Dash, pictured above. They are unrelated kitties, but had a shared hardship: they both survived and overcame FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis), which involved months of treatment.

Then, the waiting began.

It's not easy finding a home for a cat with an FIP diagnosis - let alone two! The reason being: FIP has only recently become treatable, and since the treatment is so new, the odds of a cat relapsing in the future are still unknown.

But Rainbow Dash and Chock hit the jackpot at the Cat Cafe. Someone came in and fell in love first with Rainbow, and then with Chock. Despite their potential health concerns, the adopter decided to open their home to both cats, and we of course were thrilled.

Pictured: Fozzie, a semi-feral cat who found his furever home at the Cat Cafe.

Another wonderful adoption story is about Fozzie, the amazing polydactyl cat who was able to find his furever home at the Cat Cafe despite being the shyest cat resident we've ever met!

Fozzie was born outside and had very little interaction with humans in his early days. He was around five months old when he and his siblings were trapped and brought to our rescue partner, Felines & Friends.

Some of Fozzie's siblings did quite well in their new environment and quickly became indoor cats. But Fozzie took a lot longer to get used to humans. When his foster brought Fozzie to the Cat Cafe, we assumed he would be a long-term resident.

He started off up high on the shelves - he loves climbing and playing up high - and after a few short weeks, he started venturing down to human-level shelves and even accepting some treats and gentle pets from our most patient visitors.

One of those patient visitors saw something in Fozzie that no one else saw - a furever companion! The adopter submitted an adoption application and was approved to bring Fozzie home. Now, Fozzie has his very own person and even a dog friend, who he loves to snuggle with!

Pictured: some of the amazing cats we've seen off to their furever homes at the Cat Cafe.

We - and the current cat residents - hope to see you at the Cat Cafe soon! Read all about our current adoptable kitties and come visit them!

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